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Principal’s Message

Welcome to Normandie Christian School

Home of the NCS Saints!

Principals MessageBy the grace of our loving and marvelous Father in Heaven, Normandie Christian School has been serving Him through serving the children of our community for over forty (40) years.

At Normandie Christian School, we pride ourselves in providing a high-quality education based on unyielding biblical principles, to all students. We offer a high standard academic program for our elementary school-age children in grades Kindergarten through 6th Grade, which includes building a solid foundation in reading, math, science, technology, and writing. Praise and worship is an integral part of the school day, involving our students as participants in daily chapel and Bible as a core academic subject also integrated into all subject matters.  At Normandie Christian School, all children receive a well-rounded, Christian education.

As Christian educators, we partner with parents to train up children in the way they should go so they can become productive members and leaders in our communities. Normandie Christian School has successfully educated four (4) decades of young, developing minds, and we are very pleased that many of our past and present parents are NCS alumni.  God’s grace and our devotion and commitment to the vision of Normandie Christian School that has allowed this great work to continue in our community.

Normandie Christian School remains committed to providing all students with a high quality education – nurturing the academic, spiritual, physical and social growth of the children entrusted to our care by sharing the teachings of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We invite you and encourage you to visit our school and join us at any one of our daily chapel services.

Serving the Master Teacher,

Teresa G. Wilson


Schedule a Tour: We are happy to work with your schedule.  Please call 323-752-3122 to set up an appointment to tour our campus.