A Message from Principal Jones:
God is, even in a pandemic, Strength, Courage, Fortitude, Wisdom, Comfort, Love, Goodwill.
Despite all the challenges of 2020, Normandie Christian School (NCS) continues to be a beacon of Christian light in our spiritually-challenged world. With all of the negative and violent exposure our children receive daily from the television, social media, video games and peer-pressure, Christian education is needed now more than ever before. Simply stated, here is why you should enroll your child at the Normandie Christian School.

Normandie Christian School offers:

1. High-quality education with a strong instructional program. Our
curriculum is current. We have invested in the latest academic materials and resources.

2. Small class sizes that provide students with the individual academic attention they need to development their skills, talents and abilities. Our student teacher ratio will be capped at 12 to 15 students per teacher.

3. The latest instructional technology in the field of education. Electronic textbooks have replaced the traditional textbook and our computer technology is upgraded annually. Our new Student Information System enables greater and more effective school-to-home communication.

4. High-quality Christian teachers that are committed to academic
excellence. Each teacher engages in professional development training designed to help students grow academically, socially, emotionally and spiritually.

5. A safe and nurturing environment where children feel secure and
supported. Our small school size enables children to grow and develop strong positive character without the negative peer pressure found in the traditional school setting.

6. Forty-seven years of proven success where our alumni excel in all areas of the community as established professions in medicine, dentistry, finance, entertainment and education. Our alumni have flourished in both the public and private sector because of their firm NCS academic foundation.

These are just a few of the reason that as a retired public-school teacher and principal of thirty-three years, I strongly believe that you should enroll your child at Normandie Christian School. Your child deserves the best and we offer the best!!!

In dedicated service,

Herbert A. Jones,